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What our security service can do

What We Offer What Others Offer
Daily Reporting
Review of Security Documents
Guard Dispatching
Site Independent
Provide Power
Recognized and Recommended by Insurance Companies
24/7 365 Access and Control
Included Installation and Maintenance
Arm Site On Demand
Make Your Own Schedules
Premiere Customer Portal

What we DON'T do

We won't slip in sneaky trickle charges to add to your bill, our prices are upfront and any additional charges are made clear to you.
We won't be bothering you and locking your site down because a passing car tripped a false alarm, our monitoring station handles events and only if it's a serious intrusion will you be prompted.
We won't be leaving your site disarmed because of a schedule change or lapse in communication. All the power to arm/disarm manually is up to you in an emergency, and any changes you would like handled are welcomed to be heard by us to apply immediately.


Only in the case that a guard has to be dispatched to an actual event.

The only thing we require is on-site power, however in special situations we are able to come up with a solution to provide our own.

We won't be calling the site super in the middle of the night over a gust of wind, only keyholders will be contacted in the case of a serious event.

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